09 October, 2015

Apprentice and Marksman

AFTER a brief halt I have this week completed two more models for my Frostgrave warband: the apprentice and another hireling, a 'marksman' who has the most powerful non-magical ranged attack in the game. I have two more models waiting to be painted and am currently seeking miniatures to represent 'thugs' and 'warhounds' (probably two of each). Not sure where the latter will come from, but I have determined that the former will be club-wielding Citadel 'Militia' as depicted in the 1991 Catalogue - Section 2 (see here). Of course the models I have been working on for Frostgrave over the last month can also be used for Trapdoor and B/X D&D, which actually is what I bought most of them for initially! 

Ral Partha Fantasy Adventurers (61) , 'Cassiopia, Enchantress'
sculpted by the late Dennis Mize) 
C26 Feudal Men-At-Arms, 'Karl'

25 September, 2015

Of Magic and Muscle

TWO more models painted for my Frostgrave warband this week. Firstly I have completed the wizard, the most crucial character in the game (actually he's mandatory) . I have an Illusionist mage in Frostgrave - there are currently ten arcane disciplines to choose from - and although Citadel's eighties Gandalf admittedly looks just like any other fantasy wizard the facts that a. I love the model and b. already had it in my possession outweigh any concerns regarding his ordinariness. Secondly is a 'barbarian'; a soldier (hireling) whose high fight, will and health values make him a useful warband member indeed. He is, of course, let down by a low armour rating, but we shan't hold that against the frothing maniac! On the painting desk I currently have models to represent an apprentice, thief, marksman and ranger. Hopefully I'll be able to show you a couple of these in the near future. In the meantime, have a good weekend readers!

ME-82 The Hobbit Personalities, 'Gandalf '
F3 Barbarian, 'Hackslash'

18 September, 2015

Some Hirelings

TODAY I would like to share the first handful of models I have painted for my Frostgrave warband. Fortunately for my wallet these chaps were already forming a strata in my meagre lead hillock, as were many of the others I am pressing into service for the game. Carefully excavated and then attacked with the hairy wand, they work splendidly as hirelings - or 'soldiers' in game parlance - who assist your wizard and apprentice in their looting of the ruined metropolis. These mercenaries don't gain experience or advance and their attrition rate can be alarmingly high (as I have learnt after only three games!), so I shall resist naming 'em for the time being. This quartet of death-dealing swords-for-hire represent two types of soldier: the three in coat-of-plates are 'men-at-arms', whilst the plate-armoured fellow is a 'templar'; the latter being a particularly nasty bugger. Our group has another game planned for a week Saturday so with any luck I may get some more lead painted-up and even be able to field a 100 percent finished warband! 

C26 Feudal Men-At-Arms, 'Fritz' (Wargames Foundry casting)
C26 Feudal Men-At-Arms, 'Streiter' (Wargames Foundry casting)
C26 Feudal Men-At-Arms, 'Dafyyd' (Wargames Foundry casting)
F2 Big Fighters, 'Sir Nord of Cleethorpes'